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Atv flags, dune flags, custom atv, flags off road safety flags
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Answer to the most commonly asked question ... What size of pole should I get?

That is kind of a loaded question... depends on what you are going to be using it for and what flag you want to fly.

Off road flags don't have a standard pole size, only a standard mount bolt size that fits a 1/2 inch mounting tab.

For slower vehicles and light weight flags the 1/4 pole is sufficient. If you are looking for a very flexible pole this is the one but on faster moving vehicles or with larger flags this flexibility causes excessive bend and your flag will follow you instead of remaining upright.

5/16 is a good middle of the road size, still fairly flexible but with more "stiffness" to remain upright with heavier flags or faster moving vehicles.

3/8 is by far the most popular size due to its ability to withstand a larger flag and higher speeds. Still flexible and stronger than the smaller poles but be careful of flying a very large flag at highway speeds as this can cause the pole to crack or split at the mount bolt junction.

Hope this helps,

Second most commonly asked question ... Do I need to order a mount bolt?

Order without a mount bolt if you plan on using a quick mount. If you are mounting it on an ATV or other vehicle and do not plan on using a quick mount, yes you will need one.

Poles ordered without a mount bolt have a bare fiberglass end. We decided to give the option because most flags purchased have a mount bolt attached and if you plan on using a quick mount it would have to be removed. Having the option to order without the bolt just makes sense because many of our customers purchase flags for other reasons where the standard mount bolt is not needed and having to remove it would just be a waste.

How can I attach a grommet style flag to a fiberglass pole?

Example is a 3/8 pole: 3/8 inch rubber insulated wire clamp available at most automotive and hardware stores. 1/4 inch bolt and washers. For other sized poles simply adjust the size of clamp.

Tools needed: pliers, screw driver and a wrench.

Position the clamps even with the grommets on the flag to be mounted.

Spread apart the clamp so that if easily fits around the pole.

Crimp together with pliers until the holes line up and fit the bolt and washer.
The washer may not be needed with smaller grommets.
The flag pictured has larger grommets and the washer is just to hold it more securely.

Fit the grommets into the clamp and tighten until very snug.

What do I need to attach a flag to a bicycle?

The easiest way to mount a flag to a bicycle is using a bracket make specially for bicycles. You will get everything you need if you purchase a flag with pole and a bracket off of this page http://aditudegear.com/bikeflags

If you find a flag not on the bike flags page that you prefer just purchase a flag and 1/4 pole with no mount bolt and a bicycle bracket off of our gear page. http://aditudegear.com/gear

These brackets attach to the rear axle bolt assembly, just remove the nut, insert the bracket and re-tighten.

I know it can be confusing for the first time but before you know it you will be a flag pro....

Can you ship overnight?

We can ship overnight via UPS or if you have a FedEx account and include your number I will be glad to drop it off there. It is very expensive and on any combo including a pole 6ft or longer they now consider this oversized and will not guarantee transit time. This doesn't mean it won't get there in the scheduled time but be forewarned if anything happens to delay they will not refund the shipping cost and neither will we.
If you would like a quote please just email details of your order or copy and paste your shopping cart into an email. Please include a shipping address.

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